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    The origin and symbol of our RS Medico
    RS MEDICO established in Dec 3,2015
    Inspired by RISHENG
    Means flourish & success
    Like a shield, means product safety
    Like a tooth, represents business line
    Like handshake, embodies harmonious
    RS Medico History and Introduction
    RS MEDICO is a high-tech manufacturer established by Alex Zhang, the leader of orthodontic filed and Jericho Zhang the pioneer of clean compressed air, focusing on the research, development and sales for dental products.
    Our factory is located in the China Hangzhou, about one hour by High-speed railway from Shanghai. We are devoted to producing customized orthodontic braces, tubes, bands, pliers etc.
    From the initial stage we target to supply high-class products instead of low price for winning market
    *Vision: To be the first innovation company for dental products in the world
    *Value: Be different锛宐e better
    Creating profit for the shareholders
    Gaining benefit for the employees
    Shouldering responsibility for the society
    Orthodontic Materials
    1.Self-ligating Brackets
    2.Conventional Brackets
    3.Metal Tubes
    4.Molar Bands
    5.Crimpable Hooks & Buttons
    6.NiTi Arch Wires
    7.Ortho Pliers
    Digital Orthodontic Service
    A路db adaptive direct bonding system
    Core Products
    Self-Ligating Brackets
    1.Unique Lock Design
    Easy open and close, stable performance
    2.Four-Wings Remained
    3.Sand-blasted mesh base with laser tooth ID
    4.CNC milling wormanship
    Queen Series Bracket made by CNC
    1.Precision extremely
    reduce wire bending
    easy torque control
    faster tooth movement
    2.Smooth specially
    smooth slot
    smooth surface
    3.Contour anatomically
    adapt better to the tooth
    4.Safe completely
    laser welding-without any brazing material
    Queen Series Buccal Tube by precise casting
    Our Advantages
    1.Product—Being different, be better
    2.Manufacturing—CNC milling & Precise Casting
    3.Team—Professional & International
    4.Service—custom-made, flexible and reliable
    5.Resource—one-stop service
    6.Others—Win-Win attitude
    CNC Workshop
    Flexible CNC production line
    Business Opportunity
    1.Custom-made service
    Design customer’s packaging case
    Design customer’s label in local language
    Laser tooth number
    Change color identification
    2.Become the workshop of world professors
    Make sample
    Improve his design
    Produce in large quantity
    Production Market
    Our major market is in Europe and USA, Europe is about 47% while USA is about 20%. In Europe, we already have established the business in almost 20 countries, like I taly, Spain, German, United Kingdom, Poland, France etc. We also have the distributor in Chile, El Salvador, Thailand, Indonesia and partners in Ecuador, Columbia, Singapore, Korea, Nigeria and some south Africa countries etc.
    Our Service
    Except offering you high quality orthodontic products, we have a professional management team. We have our own development and researching team, including the lab. Even if you have special requirement for the products, our team has the ability to evaluate your project and discuss the better way to realize it. If we have the opportunity to establish a long-term business relationship, we will be more than the partner, much more like the friends. With our experienced and high-responsible sales team, we can share the orthodontic resources with our existing distributors, discuss the market plan and support each other to get a win-win target.Bulk Orthodontic TMA Archwire