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    Biodegradable Pulp Plate Food Tray Machine use biodegradable raw material to make different food tray and plate or box with different specifications. The biodegradable molded pulp tableware plate food tray are produced with wood pulp, sugarcane pulp, bagasse pulp, bamboo pulp, etc as the raw materials. After pulping, screening, refining and adjusting pulp consistency process,then it will be formed on the old of the forming machine by vacuum suction.The final molded pulp tableware can be produced after drying, pressing, and trimming.
    Biodegradable Pulp Plate Food Tray tableware has high requirement on the output, hygiene and surface finishing, so the molded pulp tableware machines that ZH developed are with medium platen size, fully automatic control, high precision platen machining, high precision mold processing and intelligent temperature control. With all these characteristics, molded pulp tableware machine from ZH improved drastically the production efficiency, safety and product quality, with lower labor cost.China Semi Automatic Tableware Machine