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    Push back pallet rack
    Push back pallet rack is a high density storage system allows pallet cargos to be stored along a deeper pallet positions way on either side of an aisle without going inside racking systems by conventional forklift, making better usage of warehouse space while keeping the more picking lanes with good products selectivity.
    How does Push back pallet racking systems access pallet cargos?
    Simply Speaking, a pair of slight inclined rails was intalled perpendicularly on top of numbers of cross beams, the carts carrying pallet cargos will slide front and back automatically on rails under the influence of gravity and forklift pushing force when loading or unloading pallet into the push back rack systems.
    Advantage of push back pallet rack
    1, Push back rack systems make use of warehouse space more effectively than conventional rack systems and storage density is higher
    2, Faster to load and unload pallet cargos , increase the efficiency of product rotation
    3, The Forklifts don’t need go inside of push back pallet racking systems, so the push back rack systems is not easy to be damaged bacause of collision, which Requires little maintenance for systems
    4, Allows you to store different SKUs on different lane levels with good selectivity
    Because of good selectivity and high storage density, pushback racking is ideal for the following industries:
    Food & drink producers/wholesalers
    Frozen warehouses
    Distribution centers where need high products turnover
    Ironstone has excellent Expertise in designing, manufacturing and installation of push back rack for high-density storage solutions, If you are looking to increase storage capacity and good selectivity of stored products in you warehouse , push back racking systems is great choice!!
    Contact us today if you have any questions or comments regarding pushback racking.Customized Push Back Rack