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    LIN’S Sculpture Co.,Ltd is a 28 years’ leading fine art sculpture manufacturer based in Zhejiang, China. We have been persevering in creativity and emotion which is foundation and essence of the artwork. It’s an integrated sculpture fabricating & consulting company providing service of metal sculpture design, evaluation, optimization, fabrication and installation. So far Lin’s has worked with artists, designers, engineers, architect, and decoration companies from over 10 countries, creating more than 70 large pieces of indoor & outdoor sculptures, city monuments and building decoration parts that extend in China, US, UK, Canada, Italy, Germany, Australia, Singapore, etc. and won many prizes in different sculpture exhibitions at home and abroad. We provide custom design and fabrication services including bronze sculpture casting, stainless steel sculpture fabrication, fiberglass sculpture and 3D mold printing. And the types of art sculptures can be abstract sculpture, modern sculpture, statue and garden sculpture.
    Since established, Lin’s always insists on practice, self innovation and development, introducing mature talents, studying advanced craftsmanship from both home and abroad. Lin’s has provided many fine art works to customers, and won many prizes in different sculpture exhibition.
    Lin’s has been focusing on hand craft metal work, the sculptures fabricated by our experienced handcraft workers are now meeting and exceeding the industry standard in Europe and US.
    Now Lin’s has established its core advantages and cultivated a highly skilled technical team and an excellent management group.
    2019-10-1 70th Anniversary Parade on Chinese Notional Day in Capital Beijing
    2008-8-8 Contemporary art sculpture 銆奅cho銆?located in Chinese National Olympic Stadium NEST
    2016-3-4 Mirror polished stainless steel Public art Sculpture 銆奣ravelling Bag銆?/p>
    Location: Australia Cottesloe beach
    2010-7-21 Painted Monumental Stainless Steel Outdoor Sculpture
    Height: 21.8M
    Material: stainless steel with gold foil
    Location: Lancang River Tianjin Square
    We have many cases we have done during these 30 years.
    Process for this case
    Consultation -Assessment -Design -Optimization- Engineering/ mechanics/ calculation- Fabrication /maintain -Transportation -Installation
    1. Any enquiry will be answered within 8 hours.
    You can send E-mail, call the Customer-Hotline, or contact us with whatsapp, we will answer you as soon as possible.
    2. Customized Service for free.
    If you already have a design drawing, we will make the products according to the drawings you provided to us. If you haven’t designed it, please communicate with us, there will be a professional designers team at your service.
    We can customize it exactly as your required.
    3. We will tell the customers every step in the process of production.
    We can take pictures about every step in production, packaging and transportation if you need. We can send you the pictures for confirmed.
    4. We can provide the best products and the most thoughtful service.
    There are 48 years quality guarantee, for the products we made.
    5. Detailed installation Guide
    6. Every sculpture will be sent with a detailed instruction for installation.
    We can also send our workers team abroad to your project place, and help you to install the project if you need.
    Packaging And Shipping
    Standard plywood box for outer packing;
    Wood bar for reinforcing function to prevent shaking;
    Thick plastic or soft foam for inner packing to avoid scratching;
    Shockproof foam to protect sculpture.
    1. How can I place the order?
    1) After all details of the order were confirmed, we will send you our signed and stamped proforma invoice.
    2) You can transfer the deposit by T/T (wire transfer), Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Credit Card etc.
    3) You could also place the order by Trade Assurance on Alibaba which will protect your payment secure and benefit thoroughly.
    4) In the receipt of your deposit, we will arrange the production and will send you the pictures of sculpture from each angles for the ready goods after it was finished. The balance payment will be paid after your confirmation, and we will arrange the air freight or sea freight accordingly to the CBM of the goods.
    2. Do you accept custom order?
    Yes, we can carve 100% based on all designs, sizes and details you want.
    3. Do you have quality guaranteed?
    All our sculptures are covered by 30-year Quality Guarantee.
    4. Are you sure the packing will be excellent? If damage happens during the transportation who will be responsible for that?
    Yes, we ensure that our packing is safe enough. We use strong wooden crates and metal strips for outside packing. Inside, we use shockproof plastic film to protect the products. In addition, we will buy “all risks” insurance as per your requirement. In the case of damage happens, you will be compensated by the insurance company. If the damage occurred due to the fault of packing, our company will take full responsibility, and we will send you a new sculpture.
    5. How do we ship the goods?
    We will quote you the ocean freight, If the goods is not large, it will be loaded by air freight or Express. No matter any ways of transportation, our forwarders will provide professional service to ensure the goods arrives at your place smoothly. Usually 20-30 days for delivery.
    Working For You
    Linsculpture commission is as much a relationship as it is a work of art. Whatever your particular needs or your individual vision, our team will work with you personally and advise on the best way to achieve your goals.
    Let us help you add your unique imprint to a Linsculpture classic design by choosing just the right words for an etched or engraved inscription.
    Almost all Linsculpture classic designs are available in an extraordinary range of materials, sizes and finishes. Our team can help you navigate the options to create the perfect piece to fit your individual needs.
    Bespoke Commission
    For those unique projects that demand as-yet imagined creative solutions, you can work directly with Linsculpture and other members of the team for a full realization of your particular personal vision.
    Meet The Team
    From the moment you commission a Linsculpture piece to the moment it’s delivered and installed, we’ll assign a dedicated team to help you through the process and answer any creative, technical or logistical questions that may arise along the way. Internally, the same team will liaise directly with our designers and craftspeople on all aspects of production through to finishing and full quality control.
    We can work directly with you, or in collaboration with your appointed designers, contractors, consultants and project managers. Whatever your preference, close contact is an important part of the Linsculpture experience, and personal relationships play an essential part in ensuring an enjoyable and successful journey from conception to completion.
    If you would like to meet your team face-to-face, you are always welcome to visit our Taizhou workshop either at the early planning stage or perhaps when work on your commission is already underway.
    Our Clients
    We believe our first responsibility is to our clients. In meeting their needs, everything we do must be of high quality and lead to complete client satisfaction.
    We need to constantly strive to reduce our costs in order to maintain efficiency. Client orders must be processed efficiently, accurately and courteously, so that their entire interaction with Linsculpture Ltd. is a pleasurable one.
    Our Community
    We are responsible to the communities in which we live and work. We must maintain in good order the property we are privileged to use, and we must always endeavour to protect the environment and natural resources.
    Our Employees
    We are responsible to our employees. Everyone must be considered as an individual and we must respect their dignity and recognize their merit.
    They must have a sense of security in their jobs. Salaries must be fair and adequate, and working conditions clean, orderly and safe. We must be mindful of ways to help our employees fulfil their family responsibilities.
    Employees must feel free to make suggestions and complaints. There must be opportunity for development and advancement. We will strive to provide competent management, whose actions must be just and ethical.
    Our Company
    The company must make a sound profit. We must experiment with new ideas, processes and products. Product development must be carried out, innovative programmes developed and mistakes learnt from.
    New equipment must be purchased, new facilities provided and new products launched. Reserves are to be created to provide for adverse times.
    Anyone thinking of commissioning a Linsculpture piece is always encouraged to see, touch and play with our work in all its three-dimensional glory. You can visit us at Taizhou Company. Call us at your leisure to arrange a convenient time to visit.
    Wherever you are in the world, we never consider a Linsculpture commission fulfilled until it is delivered, installed and functioning to your complete satisfaction.
    With projects spanning four continents and a wealth of practical export expertise, we’re as happy sending our work around the corner as we are sending it around the world.
    All commissions are personally delivered and securely installed by members of our workshop team and include alignment, calibration and other mechanical fine-tuning. ln cases where you may need to arrange additional personnel on site (for example, a qualified electrician) we will advise you well in advance.
    For overseas installations we have over twenty years’ experience in packaging, shipping. Our careful planning and meticulous attention to detail are paramount when working on such projects.
    We take considerable care to ensure that each commission is installed appropriately and securely in the location of your choice. Additional measures can be provided for sites where security is of particular concern.
    To comply with current legislation, all permanent on-site electrical connections must be made by your own NICEIC or equivalently qualified electrician.
    To maintain optimum performance for our water features, we strongly recommend including one of our customized filtration packages and carrying out regular maintenance.
    All Linsculpture installations are built to stand the test of time, whether indoors or out, and in most cases require minimal aftercare support with the exception of water features.
    “Sculpture is the art of the hole and the lump.” 鈥?Auguste Rodin
    From the Parthenon frieze and the Easter Island maoi to the Chinese Terracotta Warriors and the prehistoric Venus of Willendorf, sculpture is a medium as diverse as it is ancient. Traditionally worked in natural materials like stone, clay, and metal, sculpture encompasses both free-standing works “in-the-round” and reliefs, often serving as architectural elements. Sharing the viewer’s space more literally than any other medium, sculpture has given rise to some of the most iconic works in art history, including the classical Greek Venus de Milo (c. 130-100 B.C.), Michelangelo’s High Renaissance David (1504), Rodin’s The Thinker (1902), and Constantin Brancusi’s The Kiss (1908). The 20th century saw the explosion of traditional sculpture, wherein virtually any material鈥攍ike John Chamberlain’s car parts or Marcel Duchamp’s readymades鈥攃ould be used, as well as the rise of such diverse movements as kinetic sculpture, sound sculpture, environmental art, and Minimalist sculpture.Taizhou Lin Sculpture Co.,LTD