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    Electric Pump is used to inflate dunnage airbags in high speed. It’s suitable for fast-fill valve on dunnage bag.
    2.Product Features:
    Electric Pump will require electric power to inflator air into dunnage airbags very fast no requiring air compressor.
    Electric Pump will be applied for fast-fill valve with high speed.
    3.Product Advantages:
    Electric Pump is very convenient to use, could be move easily and inflate very fast.
    Electric Pump just need electric power, but no require on heavy air compressor & long wind pipe.
    Electric Pump could generate high speed wind and high pressure, it could inflate one dunnage airbag less than 8 second.
    Electric Pump could be supplied with different volts & plugs to meet requirements of different countries/regions.
    4.Applied Fields/Cargoes:
    Electric Pump is applied for fast-fill valve on dunnage bag, could inflate dunnage bag with high speed.Customized PUMP