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    Small copper rod horizontal continuous casting machine is mainly used to melt copper alloys such as bronze and brass, and is composed of other related machines to form a series of production lines such as copper rods and copper tubes, and copper strips.
    Continuous casting unit for copper rod
    Products and capacity
    Copper rod flat continuous casting unitHorizontal continuous casting unit for copper rod
    Outside diameter桅8~桅60mm
    Tube length or coil5~25m or1.5~2.0t/ coil
    MaterialsCopper/ Brass
    Production capacityUp to 20,000t/a
    Operators needed1~2 per shift
    The melting furnace consists of a furnace body, an inductor, a tilting furnace system, and electrical control. The furnace body is made of vertical structure and welded by steel plates. The holding furnace is used for heat preservation and traction. The holding furnace can be used alone or in combination with a furnace.
    The distance between the two wheels can be adjusted; the size is 10-65mm copper; the adjustable traction speed; direct processing of copper, increasing yield and quality.
    3.Cutting machine
    The vertical and horizontal directions of copper are all titanium; high cutting efficiency and high precision; automatic collection of cutting slag; low-pressure safe operation on the control cabinet.
    4.Peeling machine
    Send hydraulic power; widely used in pipes, bars, flat and irregular metals.
    Products are widely used in wire, cable, electronics, locks, water heating equipment, refrigeration and other industries.
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