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    JL-S5400 Double layer assembly line dryer
    Main application: Used for drying and sterilizing semi-finished products such as handbags, silver bags and so on.
    Main Features
    1. For drying of a variety of belts, especially for the coloring of the finished products of the handbag.
    2. Double layer assembly line design, drying time longer, making multiple coloring, more easy to dry.
    3. Built-in ultraviolet bactericidal lamp, in the drying at the same time, can be sterilized for the semi-finished product.
    4. Oven temperature and conveyor belt speed can both be adjustable for different products drying requirements.
    Rated voltageAC380V
    Rated power7KW
    Oven internal size1700*650*300mm
    Outline dimension5000*910*1400Double Assembly Line Drying Machine finished Planting suppliers