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    Product introduction:
    BruxZir restorations are evaluated as follows: fracture or fragmentation resistant, can serve more than 10 years. Beautiful, just like your true teeth. Resist edge discoloration, durable nature. Zirconia and antidentition wear, wear less than other dentures.
    At the same time, compared with other monolithic zirconia dental crowns, the prosthetic effect of this denture is very good.
    It is a complete zirconia and has been widely used in dental industry for many years. In the meantime, it was used more and more in Europe and the United States.
    Our product has many advantages:
    1 Biocompatible materials are carefully designed to promote gingival growth around the gingiva, thus achieving full gingival symmetry and stability.
    2 Resistance to stains and edge discoloration
    3 Resistance to fracture, fragmentation and wear
    4 Better fit feels better, especially in the smallest area
    5 Prevention of allergies
    6 Digital design and elaborate production
    7 Feather edges are perfectly integrated with your natural teeth and gingival lines
    Beautiful and realistic appearance, strong and durable, good compatibility with the human body.excellent Bruxzir Dental