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Find a tutor at Study Stars  Tutors independently rated by students  Each tutor has had their identification verified  Advertised qualifications have been verified  Find tutors for your subject, level, budget and location  Tutors are organised into subject area and then location    

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Become a Tutor at Study Stars Working with Study Stars gives you a unique opportunity to work as and when you want. If you feel you would like to be a part of Study Stars, just download and fill in the attached form and send it back to us with the relevant documentation. The registration […]

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How it works For the student 1  Find a tutor for your subject, level, location & budget. Each tutor is uniquely rated by previous students to help you decide on the tutor who is best for you. You can also use the Community Forum to ask questions both privately and publicly. Tutors are listed by […]

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I was having real trouble putting pen to paper and knowing what to include in essays. After help analysing the questions, key points and good planning skills; I am so happy to say I passed with much higher grades than I could have hoped for!

Hattie Young

Thank you, I like the lessons so much. The teachers make everything easy to understand and it's helped me a lot.

James Higgs

English isn't my first language, so some things are difficult, but the lessons are clear with extra help to help me understand English grammar.

Emanuele Basile